• Series 500 – Portable Ozone Monitor

  • Series 300 – Portable Ozone Monitor

  • Series 200 – Portable Ozone Monitor

  • Series 900 Fixed Ozone Monitor

    Series 900 – Fixed Ozone Monitor

  • Series 930 with optional display, siren & strobe

    Series 930 – Fixed Ozone Monitor

  • SM70 Fixed Ozone Monitor

    SM70 – Fixed Ozone Monitor

  • SM50 – Ozone Sensor Circuit

    SM50 – Ozone Sensor Circuit

Why choose an ozone sensor from 千部毛片免费观看_美女网站免费视频?

千部毛片免费观看_美女网站免费视频’s ozone sensors are recognized for having laboratory precision whilst still being affordable and easy to use in the field. Our range of ozone monitoring products spans portable and fixed instruments, as well as some OEM-ready sensor modules. These products are used all over the world in the laboratories and workplaces of blue chip companies like Samsung, Unilever, and Tesla Motors.

Unique GSS ozone sensor technology

千部毛片免费观看_美女网站免费视频 ozone sensors provide high accuracy and precision at an affordable price. The OZL (0-0.5 ppm) and OZU (0-0.15 ppm), and OZS (0-0.05 ppm) sensors all use 千部毛片免费观看_美女网站免费视频’s proprietary gas sensitive semiconductor (GSS) sensors which incorporate a dynamic baseline adjustment to reduce sensor drift. These sensors provide analyzer-like performance, with 1ppb detection limits, yet cost as much as 4-5 times less then the most cost effective ozone analyzers on the market.

Interchangeable sensors – more monitoring for your money

All of our monitors have been designed to be compatible with multiple sensors – either sensor heads or sensor modules. There is a long list of sensors to choose from – several different ozone sensors plus a whole range of gases incl. CO, CO2, VOCs, and SO2. This let you expand your monitor from ozone only to a multi-purpose air quality instrument.

Electrochemical ozone sensors for fast response

Our EOZ sensor (0-10 ppm) incorporates a Kalman filter and advanced signal processing to give excellent linearity across the entire range. The logged value updates every 4 seconds making this sensor an excellent choice for leak detection and health and safety monitoring where the user is moving quickly between locations. Because the sensors can be swapped in and out – most monitors can harness both ozone sensor technologies in the same device.